Where We Come From

This Company "Hangman Co." was started by two friends that have lived their lives working in the construction industry. We have been Roofers, Miners, Machine Operators, Farmhands, and our current occupation Lineman (Hence the name "Hangman Co."). Throughout all our time in the trades we have always had to buy work clothes, but we have always found you either way over pay for quality clothes that will last, or buy cheap clothes that don't. Well, our goal is to put an end to that! We started this company to not only offer clothes that we see as the best on the market, but to offer them at an affordable price. Nobody likes to spend big bucks on a shirt we are going to wipe grease and dirt on.

Why Choose Us?

We are owners that have been there and done that! We are taking that experience and applying it to our products. We strive to make the best products, and that's why we accept full returns for any dissatisfied customer.